Resveratrol Side Effects – The Dangers of Resveratrol Supplements and Anti-Aging Face Products

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Resveratrol recently came to light in 2009 when it appeared on many of the celebrity, talk/chat shows where it has been described as an “anti-aging marvel” or the new “fountain of youth” supplement – but are there such symptoms as resveratrol side-effects?

Well there are 2 ways that you can take resveratrol, as an anti-aging longevity supplement which is consumed either through a capsule, in a juice or a shake, or it is now included in some of the newly advanced anti-wrinkle skin creams.

Resveratrol Side Effects

If you are taking Resv as a longevity supplement to help strip the arteries of toxins and help with weight loss, then by overdosing on a strong Resv supplement may cause the following symptoms to occur:

1. Tendinitis: Tendon pain may occur where the muscles are joined to the bones resulting in Tendinitis.

2. Blood Thinning: Resveratrol can make your blood thinner, so if you are undergoing any other kind of medication for blood thinning you must consult your GP/doctor first.

3. Faulty Composed Resveratrol Compounds: If your supplement is of bad quality this can lead to insomnia, joint ache in the feet, hands and hips, diarrhea stomach pain, discoloration of your urine, flu and a potential increase in acne.


To avoid any of these resveratrol side effects, simply make sure you consume no more than 50 to 250 mg each day, and it is a good idea to consult your physician so as to get the run down on the best products out there, so they can can provide you with the most effective ways of harnessing this longevity anti-oxidant.

Anti-Wrinkle Resveratrol Face Products

However, if you are using some of the latest anti-wrinkle creams which are combined with a high intensity mix of anti-oxidants, with some of the most potent peptides found in anti-aging serums, creams and moisturizers, then don’t worry – you won’t obviously experience any resveratrol side effects by applying these anti-aging face products to your skin!

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